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More Clarity.

More Confidence.

Better Practice.

Introducing the Revolutionary Lumos 3DX

Created, viewed and shared – chairside

Want to see more? Lumos 3DX is mobile. Workflow is similar to 2D. Get answers when you need them – without interrupting the patient or your staff.

Diagnostic quality intraoral 3D images in real time

Lumos 3DX’s super high-res images are like “CBCT PAs” that can eliminate uncertainty and accelerate treatment.

Information-rich images improve case acceptance

Moving from “It looks like” to “It’s this” increases your confidence and your patient’s trust.

Definitive diagnoses generate a superior patient experience

Beyond giving you more knowledge, a Lumos 3DX image may avert a trip to a specialist – or an unnecessary procedure.

Every Angle.

Every Detail.

  • Cone beam’s chairside partner

    Know the feeling when a 2D image comes up short – and you need 3D (and would love hi-res) but can’t get to the CBCT? Lumos 3DX is mobile – and quick. You’ll see the full story before you take your gloves off.

  • Unequaled images

    Need 3D, but want brilliant images? Lumos 3DX images have the highest resolution in dentistry – by far.

  • The revolution starts now

    Whatever the case, Lumos 3DX lets you get more done in the chair. You can’t treat what you don’t see.

See Dentistry in a Whole New Dimension

Chairside. The final frontier.

Lumos 3DX upgrades your diagnostic game and lessens the need for corrective action by monitoring procedure progress in real time. Intra-operative 3D imaging during implant placement and root canals illustrate the power of Lumos 3DX.

3D makes surprises a thing of the past

3D mammography significantly reduces false positives and detects more cancer.*

CBCT revolutionizes the implant and endo worlds by optimizing placement, minimizing chair time and maximizing outcomes.

Lumos 3DX.

Minimize uncertainty.

Imaging at the highest level

Lumos 3DX image resolution is 55 microns or better – touching the cellular level. That’s 3 to 4 times better than most CBCT units, and double 2D systems.

Position once, engage, and Lumos 3DX takes 30 images in about 3 seconds. About 40 seconds later a fully rendered image is available chairside.

Patient exposure to radiation from Lumos 3DX is comparable to traditional 2D intraoral systems.

Leading 3D software

Osteoid, provider of the Lumos 3DX imaging package, is the unparalleled leader in dental 3D imaging software. Osteoid CBCT software is installed in over 3,000 dental offices and has been refined over 15 years. It is fully integrated into the dental software ecosystem. The custom software Osteoid is providing for Lumos 3DX builds in all these benefits, and more.

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